100% Halal Meat For Better Healthy Food Everyday


Small - $5.99/ Large - $9.99 Hummus

Small - $5.99 / Large - $9.99 Yogurt Salad

Cucumber, Garlic, Mint

Small - $5.99 / Large - $9.99 Grape Leaves

(Vegetarian) (Dozen )



Small - $7.99 / Large - $9.99 Greek Salad

Add Chicken +$3.00 +$4.00

Cedar Specialities

3 for $7.50 Kibbe Balls

Chopped Meat $ cracked wheat w/ ground meat, onions & spices


$6.50 Falafel Pita

Chickpeas &Broad Beans mixed w/ Spices (fried), Stuffed in a pita bread w/ Chopped Salad & Tahini Sauce

$7.99 Shawarma Pita

Slices of Beef, Lamb, or Chicken Marinated w/ Vinegar, Spices & Onion, grilled on an Upright Spit, stuffed in a pita bread w/ sliced Tomato, Onion, Pickles & Tahini Sauce

$7.99 Chicken Kabob Pita

Chicken Breast Cubes marinated w/ garlic, Lemon & Olive Oil, grilled on skewers, rolled in a pita bread w/ Chopped Lettuce, Sliced Tomato, Onion, topped w/ a special Greek sauce

$8.99 Souvlaki

Tender Lamb or Chicken cubes grilled on skewers, rolled in a pita bread w/ Chopped Lettuce, sliced Tomato, Onion, topped with a special Greek sauce

$6.50 Vegetarian Pita

A pita bread stuffed with Vegetable Salad, Hummus or Baba Gannouj

$7.99 Shish Taouk

Cubes of Chicken Breast grilled & marinated w/ spices & Garlic sauce

$8.99 Kafta Kabob

Ground Beef, Onion, Parsley, & Spices served with Tahini sauce

Plates/ Combination Dishes

Plates Served with white rice. Combos served with white rice and choice of 2 appetizers